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Document Restoration

Our working process for Restoration

  • The first step towards saving your books and documents is an on-site inventory.
  • Random surface sampling by tape lift extraction is conducted for identification of any fungal contamination of volatiles.
  • Pack-out is done on-site (as detailed above).
  • Proper loading of transport vehicle (securing merchandise for safe transport)
  • Freezing of merchandise (to stop swelling and prevent mold growth) . Preparation of texts or documents by placing them onto processing trays.
  • Hand-wiping and HEPA vacuuming of each book or document individually.
  • Change damaged manila folders with a new folder water resistant spill wipe clean type.
  • Monitoring moister content and quality assurance (by use of Tramex moisture instruments).
  • Reconstruction or restoration of each individual damaged page.
  • Thermal treating of text books and reference manuals for removal of moisture content. (Individual inspection of spine jackets and bindings) repair when necessary.
  • Replacement of all identifying labels, markings or physicians notes. Replacement of all wet 3 ring binders ½ to 3".
  • Post de-contamination random surface sampling by tape lift extraction
  • Relocation - Computerized sorting, Return and Delivery
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